Congratulations Dr. Algeanna Griffin!

Dr. Algeanna Griffin is the proud daughter of former District 89 educator Diana Griffin and Rev. Alghia Griffin, a long time resident of Maywood.  She is a product of District 89 – attending Garfield Elementary School from Kindergarten through Eighth grade. Dr. Griffin always had aspirations of being a teacher, most times mimicking teaching school with her dolls and stuffed animals as child. However, her biggest dream was returning home to her alma mater to teach the students that sat in the same classroom as she once did. For many years, she taught at Washington Elementary and Irving Middle School. In 2018, she returned home to  Garfield as the Assistant Principal.

Education has been very important to Dr. Griffin. She recently completed her Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership from DePaul University, becoming the first “doctor” in her family. Although the journey was long and rigorous, she thanks her family, friends, and school community for their love and support.  She stated, “ Even though I have traveled a long way through this educational journey, I always pay homage to the teachers I had as a Garfield student. It was their love and educational guidance that set the tone for my success in education. I am so proud to be a Garfield Giant.”