Garfield Giants Complete the Spring Into Math Challenge

Congratulations to all of our scholars who participated in the Spring Into Math Challenge!

Each participant will receive a certificate, as well as a book for their accomplishment. In addition, students who completed the specified math goal for their grade level were submitted in a school wide drawing…the winners are listed below.

Please encourage our Scholars to challenge themselves mathematically over the Summer Break …because it’ll all ADD up!

Spring into Math Challenge Participants:

Grade K:  Cattalaya A., Aaliyah C., Aabriel H., Carter J., Bella M.

Grade 1:  Timothy J.,Issac M.

Grade 2:  Matthew C., Alejandro C., Austin K., Jamia W.

Grade 3:  Curtis H., Devin M., Celia P., Janiyah P.

Grade 4:  Noah H., Anthony P., Aiden W.

Grade 5: Devin L., Yazmin R.


Raffle Winners:

Jamia Williams (2nd Grade)

Janiyah Pugh (3rd Grade)